The spinal column is a series of interlocking bones called vertebra. Nerves branch from within the spinal column and through openings between individual vertebrae.

When the proper position of these individual bones are disturbed, the function of nerves can also be disrupted, causing a biomechanical malfunction. Discomfort, pain, numbness or tingling (or all of these) can occur as a result. Subluxation means "to dislocate".

Subluxation can happen during activities as moving materials or lifting unsafely, or be the result of vehicular accidents, sports injuries, and even recreational activities. Even sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time can cause subluxation.

Symptoms may be experienced as pain, soreness, irregularity, weakness, or as many know all to well, limited use of a joint.

Chiropractic care places great focus on the spine, especially disturbances to the spine because we know that nerves can become impaired, pinched, and injured.

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