Pregnancy is a beautiful, wonderful part of life. Pregnancy can create physical and physiological stresses to a woman's body as the new life within grows to full term. The doctors at TCO understand these stresses and are able to treat the obstetric patient not only to treatment of back pain, pinched nerves, but also to help the patient through each successive trimester and to reduce the structural issues and other symptoms associated with pregnancy and the delivery.


Children (of all ages) are some of our favorite patients. While spinal disorders are less common in children than adults, certainly they are not rare; approximately one-third of all children ages 6 to 16 have back pain. Add to this the need for normal postural development, and the bumps and bruises a child encounters in everyday life, children benefit greatly from the care of a Chiropractic PSP. When care is required, the treatment used is specific to the pediatric patient and is very safe and effective.

Whether it be the proper development of the curvature of the spine in your newborn baby, or the bumps and scrapes for an energetic growing toddler, to the treatment of scoliosis or a sports-related injury for your teen, TCO is always "kid-friendly".


Dr. David Thorpe has completed postgraduate training in pediatrics matters offered through National Health Sciences University. Dr Kent Thorpe played high school and college level football and track with a focus in training high school and college level athletes. Our goal is to help spines grow healthy and strong for a life-time.