The primary purpose of the first visit is for the chiropractic PSP to get to know you and your condition. He or she will ask you for certain details about the history of the problem and will perform a comprehensive examination for the purpose of establishing a diagnosis.

Then, the chiropractic PSP will discuss with you his or her findings and your diagnosis and, if your case is accepted, will discuss the recommended treatment(s).

The vast majority of conditions (spinal related disorders) that we treat do not require x-rays, MRIs, or laboratory tests initially in treatment.

In those few cases that the doctor has a concern, the appropriate testing will be ordered. These tests are ordered to help in determining your diagnosis, to guide the doctor in the treatment plan or to determine if there exists a need for referral to a specialist for cooperative management or treatment.

Treatment may or may not be rendered on the first visit, but the full scope of the diagnosis and recommended treatment will be discussed prior to any treatment being given.


This is your time to discuss your health needs in a private setting, learning more about how chiropractic care can help you transition to better health and wellness. The doctor will perform a thorough evaluation in order to provide you with the appropriate treatment and therapeutic care.