Most people will experience some type of injury to their back at some time. Back pain or other pain caused by back injury is a very good reason to visit a chiropractic Primary Spine Practioner (PSP).

Much research has been done to reveal the efficacy of evidence-based methods used at our office for the treatment of back injuries and the very high rate of patient satisfaction.

One study in which 1,885 workers reported claims for injury to their back, those that sought chiropractic care as their first treatment option were much less likely to be disabled one year later.

In yet another study, researchers reported that there was substantial evidence that supported the effective outcome of spinal manipulation for acute and chronic low back pain when compared to other health care interventions.

Research also shows that patients of chiropractic suffering acute and chronic low back pain found greater relief up to one year following a round of treatment. Of course, you need not wait until pain becomes acute or chronic; at the first indication of low back pain, call Thorpe Chiropractic Office to discuss diagnostic and treatment options.

(Source: Studies on Chiropractic, 2010 National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.)