Every patient's health care needs are unique. In order to provide you with optimal care, a careful review of your health history as well as considering current challenges will help TCO's professional staff determine effective treatment protocols.

All patients have expectations for care that results in restoration of health through pain relief and health management. Be sure to discuss this with a TCO doctor.

Think of the human body as a machine that must operate smoothly every day. When problems occur causing the machine to malfunction slightly, sometimes ignoring the problem can turn into a more significant problem. Some repair is necessary.

Longstanding or neglected problems may require more than a simple fix. Chiropractic treats symptoms of course, but addressing the root problem is as important (if not more than) temporarily relieving discomfort. In the patient-doctor relationship, such problems can be probed lending toward a fuller recovery. Often, patients present with problems that have been there a while. Sometimes healing just takes time but is well worth the patience you may need.

National and state organizations recommend a spinal examination every 6 months as a preventive measure against long term suffering. Discuss this with a TCO doctor or staff person.